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Pillows and Décor

7 Finishing Touches for Your Home

Decorating your home can be a lot of fun if you know your style and enjoy showing off your favorite colors and motifs. Once you've got the big stuff like sofas and coffee tables in place, it's time to tackle the little things that make your house a home.
Use this guide from west elm to learn more about the seven finishing touches that can make every space special.

1. Area Rugs

Rooms that have carpet don't require area rugs, but if you've got spaces with hardwood floors, stone, or any other hard surface, the right rug can add warmth and depth with ease. Area rugs work to tie the colors of your favorite furniture, art and accessories together too.
Having an area rug on the floor in your family room or bedroom can also be a lot more comfortable underfoot than hard surfaces, especially in the early morning and evening.

2. Window Treatments

Natural light is a selling point in most homes, but for privacy and light control, you need proper window treatments. Options like full-length drapery, cafe-style drapery that only goes to the windowsill, flat or solar shades, Roman shades, shutters and blinds can all help you control the lighting in your home while helping to define your style. The style you pick is up to you.
For example, floor-length draperies work well in spaces like your master bedroom where refinement and luxury is a must, especially when you use heavy-weight materials like backed Belgian linen or velvets. In the kitchen, flat shades, shutters or blinds that can be wiped down if they come into contact with food or grease from cooking make more sense.

When choosing window treatments, consider your goal for the room. Do you want a dramatic space, a cozy, comfortable one, or a place that feels light and fun? The window treatments you pick can help you achieve those goals and sell the look.

3. Accent Lighting

Overhead lighting and floor lamps do a lot of the work in the average home, but that doesn't mean your lighting scheme is complete. With accent lighting, you give yourself more control over the mood of every space and ensure that no area is too dim.
Look for items like wall sconces, table lamps and even up-lights designed to go behind trees and plants to add to every room. The accent lighting you pick can also be a welcome visual element that makes your room feel more finished.

4. Art

Art is a subjective thing and everybody likes something different. No matter what you like, having something on your walls will make your space a lot more interesting and help bring the elements of your room together.
When looking for art, consider the mood you're trying to create and what your room needs. Does your modern living room feel like it has too many neutral elements? Consider a brightly-colored abstract painting. Looking to tone down an over-the-top space? Try black and white photography.

Whatever you choose, make sure it's something you enjoy looking at. It's going to be a major feature in your home and something you and your guests see all the time.

5. Decorative Accessories

Decorative accessories allow you to showcase your style and give every part of your room a finished look. They also help to turn a space that can feel a little bit too open into one that's comfortable to spend time in.
There are lots of options when it comes to decorative accessories depending on the area you're dealing with in your home. Items like books, tabletop statues, pictures with decorative frames and items you've picked up in your travels will all work.

Pick decorative accessories that speak to you and work with your room's existing color scheme. Limit surfaces to two to three accessories for a refined look that allows the eye to take in everything.

6. Trees, Plants And Flowers

Plants and flowers, whether you prefer live or artificial versions, bring a fresh, airy style to your space. They're also the most natural of accessories, often feeling a bit less curated in a more modern open design.
Flowers work especially when on tabletops and flat surfaces, while plants and trees can add height to your space when placed on the floor. Mix and match trees, plants and flowers for varied heights and maximum visual interest.

7. Pillows And Throw Blankets

Pillows and throw blankets help to soften a space more than any other decorative item. Best of all, when they're used in spaces where you and your guests sit, they make spending time there a whole lot more comfortable.
The style you pick depends on your room, but pillows and throw blankets offer a unique opportunity to add an unexpected color or pattern to your space. Sometimes what a room really needs is a touch of unexpected or even imperfect to bring it to life.

Art, lighting, decorative accessories, flowers and more allow you to create the perfect space that you never want to leave. Finding the right elements can be a lot of fun, and when you hit on the right accessory you'll know.

Use these basic tips to guide you in your search and through the design process so you can have the room and home of your dreams.