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Bedding & Bath

Bedding and Bath

Lie down & relax in a bedroom that is as stylish as it is cozy.

Modern Bedding Sets

Lie down and relax in a bedroom that is as stylish as it is cozy. Our bedding collections offer a wide range of textiles that can complement your modern bed frame and play up the colors in your room’s decor scheme. Choose from essentials such as sheet sets, quilts and coverlets and add some decorative pillows and throws to complete your bedding look.

Your Sheet Selection

Your sheets are the basis of your bedding decor. As these textiles are the closest to your skin when you sleep, it’s important to choose these carefully. Opt for comfortable fabrics that complement the colors and prints in your other bedding items. west elm sheets feature a variety of different fabrics. Cotton is a versatile fabric that is both soft and breathable. For additional comfort, choose an organic cotton set, as organic cotton tends to be softer than conventional cotton. This fiber comes in many different weaves, such as flannel, satin and percale. Linen is also a good fabric choice for sheets. It is incredibly durable, which means that it keeps its look after many washes. It also wicks moisture away, making it a comfortable fabric for summer nights. You can also keep your eyes peeled for modern fabrics sourced from sustainable natural materials such as eucalyptus.

There are two basic types of sheets: fitted sheets and top sheets. Fitted sheets sit on top of your mattress and include elastic edges that keep them in place. Top sheets cover you as you sleep, creating a comfortable layer between you and your quilt. If you opt for European-style duvet covers, you don’t need a top sheet, as these duvet covers consist of washable materials. To ensure a good fit, purchase a sheet set that fits the standard measurements of your bed frame. Color is also important. Pillowcases and the top parts of your sheets are visible, so they should coordinate with your other bedding and nearby furniture such as low dressers and nightstands. If your other bedding or furniture features bold styles, colors or prints, opt for simple, solid-colored sheets. If your space features lots of neutral colors and basic lines, you can experiment with prints and bright colors.

Choosing Cozy Coverlets, Quilts And Duvet Covers

Your coverlet, quilt or duvet cover takes center stage in your bedroom decor. Coverlets are bed covers that just cover the mattress, but do not drape over the bed frame completely. Quilts tend to be a bit longer and usually sit near the floor. Duvet covers pair well with European-style duvet inserts. These are usually an alternative to a top sheet and bedspread combination and offer a low maintenance look. When choosing a bed covering, keep your bed style in mind. Mid-century bedroom furniture has clean, simple lines, which pair well with geometric prints, textured fabric and bold colors. If your bed frame has an upholstered headboard, you may want to opt for solid colors and basic fabrics.

Pick Out Your Decorative Pillows And Throws

Decorative pillows, throws and blankets finish off your bedding look. These textiles are great for playing with texture and color, but be sure to keep the rest of your furniture in mind when you choose pieces. As is the case with bedspreads, bold furniture calls for simpler styles. If your large furniture, such as your chifforobe, dresser and bed frame feature eye-catching styles, neutral accents may be the way to go. This is also true if you have opted for bold prints for your coverlet or quilt. To work with existing prints, look out for colors that pick up shades in the bedspread.

Bedding Care Tips

To keep your modern bedding looking nice and new, make sure you clean and store your pieces carefully. Wash sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases regularly in warm water. If your sheets include dark or bright colors, be sure to use a detergent designed for colorful fabrics. You can launder coverlets, quilts, throws, blankets and decorative pillows less frequently, as long as you sleep with a top sheet. You may want to shake these out every week or so to keep dust from collecting and to keep them feeling soft. When it is not in use, store bedding in a cool, dark space.