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Designer Lighting

Designer Lighting

Bring instant ambiance to any room with our unique collection of lighting. From distinctive chandeliers to functional table lamps, these designs truly radiate style.

Ceiling Lighting

New Modern Lighting Trends To Try Now

Modern lighting is one of the quickest ways to rejuvenate your home. Go room by room and see where a new lamp, pendant or chandelier could make a difference or commit to refreshing your entire space with a new lighting story that revolves around a central theme or new finish. With so many new trends emerging, there's modern lighting for every type of taste. Plus, shopping is easy when you know the trends, so take the time to curate lighting that enhances your furnishings, artwork, and decor today.

Update Your Rooms Quickly and Easily

Changing the mood in a room can literally be as easy as flipping a switch when you select modern lighting that complements your interior decor.

  • Choose a lighting aesthetic that updates your furnishings by contrasting styles. If your furniture is soft and neutral, go for highly linear lamps. To light up strong lines, try the gentle glow of shaded bulbs.
  • Take note that designers are doing big new things with chandeliers. The massive, dripping styles are still beautiful, but now you can discover modern lighting takes like floating rings or a swinging bar with a downlight.
  • While some lighting requires hard-wiring, most new looks are plug-and-play. Some table lamps even let you plug in your phone or other devices to a USB port. These are great on top of nightstands for overnight charging.

Geometric Profiles for Light Fixtures

To switch up your aesthetic in the most remarkable way possible, look to the sculptural and geometric selections designers are now offering. These pieces are creative, avant-garde and versatile enough to go with any type of furniture.

  • Floor lamps with powerful, deconstructed stem silhouettes are arresting in their beauty with pedestal bases and classic geometric shades.
  • Flush-mount lighting is witnessing a serious comeback with the advent of semi-flush styles that lend dimension and a curated flair from the ceiling without overtaking the room.
  • Sconces can now be as streamlined as a single bar of illumination. Mount them vertically or horizontally depending on the amount of wall space you have.

Adjustable Lighting Styles

The major news in lighting right now is adjustability. Shop unique pieces that feature lots of arms you can arrange in different proportions to create a novel look on a regular basis. Switch up the arms every week or so to keep things interesting and give the bulbs a refresh seasonally or more frequently.