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Wall Art & Mirrors


Fill your home with modern and distinctive art and mirrors.

Wall Art

Wall Decor To Personalize Your Space

Customize the look of each room in your home with wall decor to suit your style. With options ranging from original artwork to decorative mirrors, it's easy to find the wall hangings that make your space feel like your own. Look for picture frames that showcase your original photos or prints you love. Put mirrors on the walls or floor. See what kind of throwback styles you can try, like retro clocks or highly graphic posters. There's no limit to the creativity you can display when you shop west elm for wall decor.

What's New In Wall Art

Trends in wall decor are ever-changing, but some trends have become so ubiquitous, you could consider them modern classics. This is the sweet spot when it comes to shopping for new art or decor. When you check out pieces that have a solid aesthetic but a touch of experimentation, your walls start to look seriously curated.

  • Wall art sets let you play with the traditional concept of the triptych, where an image spans a few canvases or panels. Today's wall art sets tend to be more complementary than continuous, so look for abstract shapes and bold color.
  • The poster is back. Once an icon of younger days, the highly stylized posters of today deserve your attention. Browse for sharp lines, glossy color or unexpected motifs that you'd find in fine artworks.
  • Dimensional art lets you work in extra texture. These pieces hang on the wall, but extend into the air space just in front of the wall for interesting depth.

Finding The Right Frames For You

Some people love to hang meaningful photography. If this sounds like you, choosing your frames adds another layer to the selection of your wall decor. Modern frame styles involve clever design and chic ways of showcasing your chosen works.

  • If you're displaying photos you took yourself, you'll either want to select frames that suit the subject matter or choose them based on the decor of the room where you plan to hang them. Since this is your art, it's your call.
  • For a collection of beloved prints, look for frameless pieces that keep the attention on the prints themselves. This lets you set up a gallery wall that's visually cohesive and sophisticated.
  • When hanging frames, choose a topline and hang everything at the same height or create a gallery or grid that lets each piece work independently and within the scope of all your wall decor.
  • Mirrors Make Rooms Look Larger

    For the look of lots of space, add mirrors to your walls. The reflection helps the space feel larger, whether you go for large hanging ones or floor styles. Decorative mirrors come in a lot of fun silhouettes and finishes, too.
    Mix-and-match your different kinds of wall art and other hangings to feel right at home amongst your favorite beautiful things.